Alexander Guest House


Memory Care & Assisted Living

Award Winning Final Budget: $6,500,000

Square Feet: 60,000

Owner: Alexander Inn

Location: Oak Ridge, TN

Build during the Manhattan Project, The Guest House was originally designed to provide shelter for visitors during the construction of the atomic bomb. While the building has a rich history, sadly, it fell into disrepair, until it was rejuvenated into a multi-million dollar Senior Living Community.

Alexander Inn has been nationally recognized twice since its reopening on November 5th, 2015. Each year the President of the United States elects a committee to choose the best historical renovation in the country, and in July of 2016, Alexander Inn won! This was the first time the great state of Tennessee had received this honor and it could not have been for a better project.As if being nationally recognized for its transformation was not enough, the Alexander Inn won its second national award when it was voted as “Best Assisted Living of 2017” by

DKLEVY was honored to be apart of the team that brought Alexander Guest House to life. It is said that many parts make up a whole and this is true for construction as well. We are proud of this project and the loving home it has become for so many.

– DKLEVY Staff

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