Our Culture

We love giving back through serving local community ministries as well as overseas missions that meet the needs of the whole person.

Our Give Back

Nicaragua Ministry:
It’s all about God’s Kingdom.

Our team consists of innovative architects focused on creating exceptional experiences and bringing true value into the built environment. There is purpose behind each design. It is our mission to serve and we are honored to use our architectural talents to help meet the needs of others in a variety of give back projects.

The Project
The DKLEVY team has partnered with Randy Sparks Ministries, based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, to design and execute on the build of the Prayer Mountain structure located in Rivas, Nicaragua. The two-story gathering place is the highest point in the city and overlooks the island formed by volcanic activity. Prayer Mountain is designed to meet the needs of the local community by providing teaching and event space with classrooms, meeting space, and a prayer house overlooking the city.

Local construction is unlike that in the United States. The team carries water from the valley up the mountain to mix concrete, and supplies are made by hand. The passion of the team is inspiring and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside them.

Our Recent Visit
Recently, Daniel Levy was able to visit Nicaragua for a site visit on the structure, and because ministry is our purpose, the trip was all about serving. Daniel greeted school children and participated in their English lessons, the team gathered for street evangelism and other practical ways of serving the community.

“As a company, we know there is a greater purpose to design. It’s about people, not projects.”


Honduras Ministry: Serving Through Our Faith

One of our core values is serving through our faith. This value led us to partner with Hands 4Life; a nonprofit whose primary focus is caring for the elderly in developing nations.

The Project
This project, located in Choloma, Honduras, consists of an assisted living home, a children’s home, a medical clinic, a short-term missionary dorm, a church, and a school. We are proud to help build the assisted living home and to be a part of helping the aging population worldwide. The assisted living side of the home will serve 14 seniors with the capacity to expand to 16. It will have an activity room, family room, bedrooms, large handicapped bathrooms, industrial kitchen and a dining room.

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