Our Mission

Building your story, innovative architects focused on creating exceptional experiences and bringing true value into the built environment.

We are an architectural studio providing large firm expertise within a small, service oriented experience. By leveraging technology, innovation, and creativity, we are focused on senior living and other diverse project sectors championing user experiences across the country.

Quarterbacking a team-first approach to each project, we know successful projects require marriage of each part of the development team. Striving to positively impact each community we work and live in to the glory of God, in an era when challenges must be met with faith and integrity as the guiding value.

Core Values

Faith – God has given us our talents and He is our provider, through Him and by Him all our other values and mission are possible for His Kingdom Glory.
Colossians 1:16

Integrity – Let our yes be yes and our no be no, being true, and treating other above ourselves.
Matthew 5:37 Philippians 2:3

Creativity – Each challenge and opportunity must be met with creative solutions.
Innovation – We must always be growing with technology and willing to take new risks.  Always challenging ourselves, learning, incorporating, and open minded.
Value – We must understand what our clients value, educate them on the additional value we can provide, and then exceed these expectations.


“Working with an architect is like a marriage, There has to be trust and commitment for the relationship to be successful. Working with Daniel and his team was a huge success because we had both of those factors.  His commitment to “our” vision coupled with cutting-edge relevant design, gave us the trust we needed to build something great.” Jaime Goldenberg – Senior Pastor of The Church at Knoxville


“As a General Contractor I have worked with DKLEVY since the firm’s beginnings.  Daniel and his team bring a deeply relational design experience to all their clients, listening and learning to really pick up on the goals and vision of the owner/developers we have partnered with to serve.  Their inspired imagination, creativity and ability to think out of the box has on multiple occasions enabled us to transform a structure with very limited options into a highly functional and exceptionally attractive space.  I can say that I’ve never more enjoyed the project experience than I have, working in tandem with DKLEVY.” Ray Heath – President of Hiram Group

“DKLEVY has been Infinity Constructions exclusive Architect for over five years. Daniel and his team have brought my clients a reliable resource for expert Custom Plan Development for over fifteen projects. Daniel’s approach is both pragmatic and value based. The technology that Daniel and his team have at their disposal is not only impressive, but saves time and costs. Infinity Construction could not be more pleased to recommend DKLEVY to anyone needing Architectural Plan Development. This is truly a Five Star Company.” Kennon Rymer – President, Infinity Construction, LLC.

Our Team


The DKLevy Team



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