Daniel Levy


An AIA Licensed Architect, Daniel received his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tenn. After working in New York City and at Gensler in Baltimore, MD, Daniel worked for a design-build company for three years developing designs for multi-family and senior living sectors. Upon licensure and registration, Daniel founded DKLEVY Architecture and Design with his wife Kendel.

DKLEVY has worked on over 250 projects spanning three countries, focusing on designing exceptional experiences in entertainment, senior living, multi-family living, religious, and working spaces. DKLEVY has been awarded several national awards including the ACHP National Preservation Chairman’s Honor from President Obama’s appointed design jury for best preservation project at the Guest House at Alexander Inn, and the Best Senior Living Project of the Year for design and architectural work on Historic Knoxville High School.

Daniel sits on a variety of boards and also works closely with the University of Tenn. creating opportunities and experiences for design students through internships and practical hands-on work. He is licensed in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Virginia. Daniel is passionate about exceeding client expectations and helping clients meet and realize their vision and goals.


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