The Norwood, a multi-use, flexible housing project, aimed at addressing Knoxville's pressing housing shortage.

DKLEVY Architecture and Design Designs Innovative Multi-Use Housing Solution to Tackle Knoxville’s Housing Shortage

Transforming Clinton Highway’s Morris Motel Into Flexible Housing

KNOXVILLE, TN – May 6, 2024 – DKLEVY Architecture and Design, in collaboration with East Tennessee broker Katie Linkous, is proud to unveil The Norwood, a multi-use, flexible housing project, aimed at addressing Knoxville’s pressing housing shortage. Formerly the Morris Motel on Clinton Highway, this transformative new flexible rental housing development offers short-term lease and rental options, offering safe, adaptable, and affordable housing solutions. The development is a versatile, sustainable approach to meeting the diverse needs of Knoxville residents.

DKLEVY recognizes the critical need for affordable and adaptable housing options in Knoxville. Working with Linkous and a vision to provide flexible and affordable accommodations, The Norwood was born. The project is more than just housing; it’s a solution to Knoxville’s housing shortage. The 24-unit short-term rental housing development features full kitchens, tall ceilings, natural light, spacious bathrooms, and exterior balconies on all units. Additionally, the development offers office and meeting space on-site for rent. The Norwood project fills a crucial gap in the market, offering a viable alternative to traditional long-term leases.

Daniel Levy, DKLEVY President, emphasizes the project’s focus on flexibility: “We had to create a building with dwellings that could serve multiple purposes, while also remaining cost-effective and safe. Every aspect of the design was carefully considered to maximize value and utility.”

The Norwood offers a range of housing options, from short-term stays for events like football games to mid-term leases catering to travel nurses and contractors, and even long-term housing. Linkous highlights the project’s ability to address evolving housing needs in Knoxville, “With the growth in our city, there’s a demand for both long-term and short-term housing solutions. The Norwood project fills that gap by providing affordable and flexible accommodations.”

The success of the Norwood project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all involved parties. “Every project is a team effort, and we take pride in quarterbacking that effort to bring together clients, contractors, and designers. The Norwood project is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation,” Levy said.

The grand opening of The Norwood in October 2023 marked a significant milestone for Knoxville. As a beacon of hope in addressing the city’s housing shortage, The Norwood stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement through great design. 

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