DKLEVY Associate Production Manager Ribhav Murria

Ribhav Murria

Associate Production Manager

Originally from Punjab, India, Ribhav Murria is DKLEVY’s Associate Production Manager. Ribhav graduated in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Virginia Tech. His favorite part of working at DKLEVY is the community within the team and how it feels like a family.

Ribhav’s architectural interest, which also informed his Thesis, includes creating spaces that foster communities, and encourage relationships to reconcile. His Architectural Thesis took those ideas and explored the creation of multi-generational housing, using the impact of his upbringing in the East and applying that in a Western context. It amalgamated the history of housing throughout cultures, and the socio-economic upbringing of different generations to create communities within communities.

Outside work, Ribhav is passionate about traveling, and exploring different cultures and cuisines, especially coffee!


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