new website launch DKLEVY

New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website!  And why not? There’s “newness” all around us.  As we charge into Spring with 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 in the rearview mirror,  we are full of gratefulness for the busiest and most productive season in our history at DKLEVY.  We are celebrating 7 years as a firm! The Senior Living Facilities, Offices, and Homes we been entrusted to design have been challenging and deeply satisfying.  Yet, in all of this “production”… it’s about the People. For real – the relationships we’ve gained in the course of all of the project design are what inspire us and hopefully bring out just a bit of the reflection of the Creator Himself.  As you read, if you are one of our clients from this past year or further back – thank you! If you are considering our team for your project, please look through this site and stay tuned for future blog entries describing ongoing work and design insights.   So that’s the opener for DKLEVY Architecture & Design for now. More to come!  

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