Our team of architects optimize multifamily housing spaces for residents using thoughtful design that encompasses more than just the building itself. Whether apartment buildings, condominiums, mixed-use complexes, rural townhomes, or urban communities, we design with the end user in mind, producing suitable and desirable living for residents of varying ages, lifestyles, and preferences.

With every retail shop, storefront, or mixed-use projects, we take great pride in designing commercial spaces that appeal to the customer or user and the employee working in the building. There are many components to designing a practical, attractive and cost effective space.

As a firm rooted in its Christian values, we cherish our partnerships with churches and other houses of worship. When working with religious leaders, we seek to bring their visions to life. Our focus is to create experiences rather than simply structures, because it is the power of praise that takes precedent over the building. Still, we are honored to use our architectural abilities to help further the kingdom of God.

When it comes to senior living architecture, we understand that each project is about much more than the structure itself–it’s about the value that’s created for each resident living there, the team members working inside, and the resident-families who visit. Whether we are creating a space that is designed for an independent living, assisted living, memory care community or active living residence, DKLEVY’s design process has the resident in mind when sketching out the finer details of each project.

We welcome the opportunity to hear a home owner’s vision and desires, and to design a residential home with the spaces and amenities that will help create memories for a family. We work with contractors and homeowners to see the project to completion for a home that will be beautiful, livable, safe, and secure.

From entertainment venues to elegant, luxurious hotels and short term stays, DKLEVY approaches each hospitality project with the guest in mind. We are equipped with a level of expertise necessary to create stunning designs that make an impression on each individual that walks through the door.

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