Ancient Lore Village


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Ancient Lore Village

Draws from a world of fantasy

Ancient Lore Village in Seymour, TN draws from a world of fantasy created by Tom Boyd. This enchanting design features 6 uniquely designed cottages each with its own distinct features. In addition to the cottages, the site features a wide variety of amenity spaces such as an outdoor bar and patio, a large outdoor dining space, conference rooms for corporate retreats, driving range, axe throwing, and amphitheater shadowed by a waterfall. It is truly a magical place.

The design incorporates old-world craftsmanship, modern moisture drainage systems, and continuous insulation.

Project Features

  • Outdoor bar and patio
  • Large outdoor dining space
  • Conference rooms for corporate retreats
  • Driving range
  • Axe throwing
  • Amphitheater shadowed by waterfall


  • EIFS Industry Members Association 2021 Award of Merit Winner

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