Our Mission

Reflect God’s goodness in every relationship, His creativity through every design

We are an architectural studio providing large firm expertise within a small, service oriented experience. By leveraging technology, innovation, and creativity, we are focused on senior living and other diverse project sectors championing user experiences across the country.

Quarterbacking a team-first approach to each project, we know successful projects require marriage of each part of the development team. Striving to positively impact each community we work and live in to the glory of God, in an era when challenges must be met with faith and integrity as the guiding value.

DKLEVY team members

Core Values


God has given us our talents and He is our provider, through Him and by Him all our other values and mission are possible for His Kingdom Glory.


Let our yes be yes and our no be no, being true, and treating other above ourselves.


We are intentional about cultivating healthy relationships built upon trust with our team, clients, and project partners.


We stay on the cutting edge of new technologies while encouraging creativity from our team to deliver a superior client experience.


We take ownership of our client’s visions and steward the process of design with their goals in mind.


Our Team

The DKLevy Team

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