Lakemoor Station


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Lakemoor Station

State of the art multifamily living along Alcoa Highway

Designed with nautical themes in mind. This new development consists of 8 buildings total. These include 5 residential buildings featuring 3 stories each, 2 single-story garage buildings, and a single-story clubhouse and amenities area with an in-ground pool and outdoor pavilion.

With access to local waterways & greenways, Lakemoor Station is located just minutes from Downtown Knoxville.

The project has a projected completion date in April 2024.

Project Features

  • 240 Unites, 1 & 2 Bedrooms
  • 5 Residential Buildings
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • 2 Single Story Garage Buildings
  • Clubhouse with Amenities
  • Inground Pool

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