Laurel Vista Apartments


knoxville, tennessee | Multifamily

Laurel Vista Apartments

upscale living near the university of tennessee

Modern aesthetics and luxury finishes come together near UT overlooking Downtown Knoxville, Worlds Fair Park, The SunSphere and The Hill

Project Features

The Laurel Vista project is a unique multifamily and condo development in the Fort Sanders neighborhood of Knoxville, TN. DKLEVY designed a flat-over-townhome concept, combining apartments on the lower floors with multi-level townhomes on the upper levels. This design allowed for penthouse suites with outdoor balconies, offering views of the surrounding neighborhood and University of Tennessee campus.

Each unit features floor-to-ceiling glass, indoor-outdoor spaces, high ceilings, custom welded railings, and a mix of materials, including wood-look siding with a 50-year warranty. DKLEVY overcame site constraints by incorporating small recesses and reveals in the cladding, creating a unique and attractive living space.

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